Breathing Techniques Day 7


Day 7 Holiday Breathing!

Today Day 7...  Star Relaxation!

Try this relaxation meditation together before bed or simply when the “dial” of energy needs to be turned down during the holidays!
Lie down on the floor or bed with your arms and legs stretched out as wide as you can!  Imagine your body stretching to be the largest STAR you can be!   You can be a bright shining holiday STAR! 
Take in a deep breath through your nose, stretch your arms and legs as far as you can to create this STAR shape. Stretch your arms out into the corners of the room by your finger-tips …then stretch your legs into the far corners of the room by your toes!
As you breathe in again, imagine the bright light of the star coming inside you and as you breath out, imagine this bright light being spread around your house, your town, maybe even around the world to those you love!
Now we are going to relax each point in this large holiday STAR you have created!
Breath in, long and slowly through your nose, as you breathe out slowly relax your right arm… feel in softening, maybe coming closer to your body, and completely let it go as if it is floating in space.
Breath in again, and as you breathe out slowly, relax your right leg…completely letting it rest and imagine it floating to the sky.
Breath in slowly once again, as you breath out this time relax your left leg… letting it come closer to your body, resting on the floor and then letting it go…floating away.
Breath in again, this time relaxing your left arm as you slowly breath out…relaxing from your finger-tips to your elbow to your shoulder.  Your arm becomes so relaxed …you may feel as if it is floating away – completing the Holiday STAR floating in the sky above!
Notice how you feel, perhaps a little sleepy or a little restful…  You may want to say to yourself… “I am a bright sparkly Holiday STAR”.  Feeling the glow inside of you that builds as you breath in and that you share with others as you slowly let the glow  go as you breathe out…
Perhaps now, you take a quiet relaxing moment with your someone special to tell them just how special they are to you….
Truly wishing you a special holiday evening,
Miss Dawn and Miss Lori
The Children’s Yoga Team at Movement, Mindfulness and Me

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