Individual Yoga Instruction 

Private instruction is available in all areas of practice and can be reserved individually, in couples, or small groups. Some areas are highlighted below but we encourage you to call or email the studio directly as well!  

Our founder, an occupational therapist, also offers therapeutically inspired private yoga sessions. These sessions are ideal for those who desire support and education in how yoga can be used to maintain or gain flexibility, physical independence, and self-acceptance. As an occupational therapist and a registered yoga teacher skills can be assessed and individualized plans made that take into consideration various stages in life and varying health conditions. Restorative breathing and mindfulness exercises, as well as final relaxation, will be provided to promote stress reduction and mental clarity at the conclusion of each session.

Basics/Beginner Yoga

Learn the basics from one of our fabulous instructors and at your own pace. In these sessions focus is on the basic and fundamental postures of yoga and instruction in diaphragmatic “yoga” breathing. Correct alignment is emphasized throughout the sessions to ensure proper foundational skills as you build your practice.

Restorative Yoga for Relaxation & Stress Relief   

Have you enjoyed our restorative classes in the past? Perhaps a class time or setting is not comfortable for you at this time? Or maybe you have heard the many benefits of a slow-paced restorative yoga class but want to try this format individually? Consider a one-on-one session that is of the slow and restorative variety but can be tailored to your needs – even specifically for your day as you share with your instructor. Breathing techniques and meditation are valuable ways to clear the mind and relax the body, with direct individual practice we hope to build each students ability to practice at home between sessions.

Prepare for” or “Perfect” your Power Yoga

Are you working on postures in class but want to sharpen your skills with individual attention? Or Perhaps you are ready to try power yoga but maybe prefer to do so in a one-on-one setting for a few sessions?  This type of yoga will certainly raise your heart rate and work the physical body as well as mental focus as you learn new postures. These sessions are guided lessons so knowledge of the postures is not a requirement as you will be guided thorough each posture individually. Of course, assists will be given for proper alignment and support as needed throughout each session.  

The following individual sessions are taught directly by a Registered Yoga Teacher who is also a 25+ year experienced occupational therapist. These sessions are therapeutically inspired in all aspects of instruction. Visual and physical supports will be used as needed and additional adaptations and individual programming is created to meet the attendee’s specific needs. 

Adaptive Adult Sessions

Instructor brings expertise and experience with adults with physical limitations as well as those with cognitive challenges. Participants will receive instruction on a complete series of seated postures progressing as each individual is ready to semi-standing and then full standing yoga postures as in our chair to mat class sessions. Chair support in seated and standing postures is offered to ensure safety while perform a variety of poses designed to increase flexibility, balance, core strength, joint health and mobility and overall range of motion. 

Focus is on support and education to maintain or gain flexibility, physical independence, and self-acceptance at various stages in life and health conditions. Restorative breathing and mindfulness exercises, as well as final relaxation, will be provided to promote stress reduction and mental clarity at the conclusion of each session.  

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gently pace class that incorporates traditional, modified poses and breath work while using the chair for support to strengthen, balance and center the mind and body. Especially effective for those that want movement, but are not comfortable getting up and down from the floor. If you are able to sit you are able to join in chair based yoga! From this whole body and mental awareness practice, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved. Each session will be specifically designed to meet each individual student’s strengths and areas of need to meet their personal goals created at the first session.